Saturday, February 27, 2010

2 more X members!!

Okay so I have to apologize for being a lazy blogger. It's harder than it looks, to keep up a blog! Now I have more sympathy for all the blogs I like to read that take forever to get updated. :-)

Tactic joined the X family about a month ago. Tactic is owned and loved by Gina Malizia. He is a crazy little mix who is already doing box turns off people. No one has zoomies quite as exciting as Tactic. He comes from Blue Cedar Sport Dogs. We can't thank Tooie and Ian enough for such a cute spunky little guy!
Our latest addition is Blackie!!! Okay, so his name is not really Blackie, but we called him that for so long that it's hard to not call him that now. :-) Nicole couldn't decide on a name so we called him Blackie until she settled on the name Vibe. Vibe was bred by Crystal Cappel. He is out of Hatter, who is Crystal's heart dog, and Riddle who belongs to Ashley Hilliker of Offspring Border Collies. Thank you Crystal and Ashley for this wonderful little boy. Vibe is a border collie so of course he is perfect in every way. :-)
Having three young pups on the team that are relatively the same age has been so much fun! I'm looking forward to sharing training videos as these young pups progress in their training. Right now they are all concentrating on their tugging. Right now the tug is the end all be all. They are also learning the touch stick and learning to work with distractions. Let the games begin!