Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More New Mexico

Getting some dinner for us + dogs.

Road food

Stopping for dinner somewhere in New Mexico.

Flagstaff is cold

But here's a photo from when we crossed into AZ.


Picked up the Vegas contingent. We have a lot of snacks!

On the road!

We are in Barstow and it's very cold and windy! Good time for Starbucks. And fuel.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All packed!

The beautiful graphite Mammoth is all packed!  Just a couple of things to throw in tomorrow morning, and we will be hitting the road... bright and EARLY.

We only had a few hours to pack for the U-FLI Championships last year, but we managed to spend 6+ hours packing today!  Room for 5 people very comfortably and 13 dogs, but I think we have enough space to fit 3 more dogs if we wanted to.  (HA HA)

Time to get some sleep... Tomorrow -- stretching through into Thursday evening -- will be one freaking long day!

Behold The Mammoth

A great start

Every trip should begin with a box of love ;-)

Monday, October 3, 2011

CanAm Live Stream info

For those not going to CanAm:

General information
Racing schedule
Who's in the ring and coming up (updated frequently!)
Livestream of the event - Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Racing begins at 8am EDT on Friday and Saturday and at 7:30am EDT on Sunday.

We are racing Saturday and Sunday October 8-9.  Our team should be easy to spot if we do come up on the livestream... dark gray shirts with giant pink Xs on the back!


The current countdown is not the time until we leave for the trip, it is counting down the time until we pick up our rental van! We cannot wait to start packing it. If all goes well, we will have much more time to pack than we did last year! And it will even be light outside! But don't want to jinx it. More news tomorrow, hopefully with gratuitous van photos!

Blog CPR!

Yes we are going to try to bring our poor neglected blog back to life! We figured that our trip to CanAm will be full of stuff to post about, or at least stuff that might be worth reading :-) We're picking up the van tomorrow, so let the adventure begin!