Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Need 4 Speed

Fly'N Aces put on an AMAZING tournament. It was their first ever tournament and all of us on X could not have been more impressed. There were two super long days of racing that went smoothly without any issues due to their planning and hard work. FNA thought of everything! Every team even got a free photo with a cool racing back drop. You would have never been able to guess it was their first time hosting a tournament from how smooth the weekend went. Great job and congrats on a job well done FNA. X is looking forward to next year!

So what's better than a local tournament?? That's right, sharing it with friends! X was honored to have some very special guests. Lyndsy and Sharon from Omaha Speedracers came out from Nebraska to race with us. It was so much fun! They were a blast and it was so much fun racing with them. Also so much fun to meet their dogs. Ninja is Psycho's half brother and they share the same craziness. Dash is Psycho's very handsome Uncle. Skye was a sweetheart. If you love Border Collies you will love Skye. You just have to meet her to understand. Big thanks to everyone who supported Tugs for Ta-Tas! Hope you all are enjoying your pink tugs!

The Friday night before the tournament we met up with our good friends from Utah Tail Blazers and Mad Dogs. We had a blast at Hash House a Go Go. If you guys are ever in Vegas it's a must-do restaurant. The theme is twisted farm food. The food is amazing and the portions are GINORMOUS. I think Gina's eyes popped out of her head when she saw her plate. Then we all had giggle fits when our plates came. You can't help but laugh when you see the size of these plates. I think they are the size of the platters you use to serve your Thanksgiving turkey! We enjoyed a great meal and caught up while excited for the tournament ahead.

I have to give a huge CONGRATS to all our green dogs. They all did awesome this past weekend. Replay, the most handsome BC ever, did great! He is just one of those dogs that is always such a good boy! He does everything that you ask of him and does it with tons of drive and enthusiasm. And of course he always looks handsome and stunning while doing it! Replay ran singles for the first time this past weekend and ran very consistent 3.8s - 3.9s. His best recorded singles time was a 3.891 with a line to line time of 3.844. Go Replay!!

Later aka "Hairy Farmdog" (since he looks exactly like Mav), also did awesome! This little bitty guy thought that Saturday was for warm ups. I think his best time on Saturday was a line to line time of low 4.2s. On Sunday he really came out to race. His best recorded singles time was a 4.049 with a line to line time of 3.999! His daddy Simon was so proud of both of his boys, Later and Ree. Congrats Simon! X is so proud of you!

Drastic, our resident Mal on crack, ran in a line up for the first time this past weekend. If any of you guys know Drastic she is really a dog that seems like she is on crack. I do not know what goes on in her head but whoa, she is a nut! She ran in anchor FLAWLESSLY the whole weekend. She kept her game face on and rocked the house! She had no issues going into a pass and rocked her box turns. On average she was running low 3.9s with some 3.8s. Yay for Drastic!! Her mom and handler, Nicole did take a beating while running her, but it's the price you pay for flyball right?! LOL! OH and Drastic waited until the last race of the day on Sunday to have a massive blow out in the ring! What a good girl for holding it until the end of the tournament. I have never seen a more massive blow out in the ring. It spanned two lanes, the whole length of the ring, and took 4 people to clean up. Drastic does nothing small! :-)

Stare was on fire this past weekend. This was his second tournament running singles and he is really starting to race and get into his groove. His fastest recorded singles time of the weekend was a 3.705 and his best line to line time was a 3.645! He got fastest singles dog both days. Congrats Kathy and Stare! We cant wait to get this blue bullet in our line up.

Dragon, aka Whippet Boy Wonder, warmed up a few times throughout the weekend and did amazing. He did recalls and full runs and rocked it. There were a ton of distractions for a 13 month old whippet but he pulled it together and got some X-cellent practice runs in. X is so X-cited for this crazy whippet boy to debut. As always it's amazing to see Steph and Dragon together. They make an X-cellent team.

We were so proud of our green dogs but we were even more proud to say we have great flyball friends. X, Utah Tail Blazers, Leap of Faith, Mad Dogs, Lickety Splits, Lyndsy and Sharon all worked as one big group and helped each other out all weekend. None of us came with a lot of team members but with us all helping out it was like we had a team of 50 people! It was awesome to see and experience. Nothing is better that great flyball friends!

The days were loooooooong!!! I think we were there until 10pm racing each night. So I am not even sure what place our teams came in. We ran 2 teams each day and I think one of them came in 2nd and one of them came in 3rd each day. Our major team goal of the weekend was to get Drastic running on a team but while doing that we accomplished a new best time of 16.296! We didn't even notice that we reached a new best time until Lyndsy told us. HA, and by the time she told us we had to set up for the next heat so it sort of came and went before we knew it. So let me celebrate now. WOO HOOO!!!!!!! :-P

There was some great racing going on at the Speedway this past weekend. Many new best times. Congrats to Rude Dogs West for a new personal best time of 15.81!! It was a blast to race against you guys! Utah Tail Blazers, Hot Pawsuit, TNG (2 new world records!) and Phoenix Fuzion also set new best times. Congratulations!

Again, we were so impressed with FNA's tournament. They did an awesome job. We recommend it to everyone. Come next year and join the fun. Great weather, great racing, great friends and a great time had by all!